• Mat Tuck

Life Hacks by Mat: Binder Clip Phone Stands

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of always having to hold up my own phone when watching funny cat videos on YouTube. It’s seriously a massively huge, minor inconvenient annoyance! Who’s with me? Anyway, I couldn’t be bothered to go out and buy an iPhone stand. So instead I searched the innerwebs looking for some phone stand life hacks. I found two stands using binder clips that I was really excited to try out.

The first binder clip cellphone stand life hack I decided to test out seemed easy enough. It required two equal-sized binder clips. I took one of the clips and attached it to the back of the first clip as shown below. Then I bent the metal parts of the first clip outward.

Photo credit: Mat Tuck

The idea is that a cellphone should be able to fit snuggly on top of the outward metal pieces of the binder clips. But did it really work the way the internet said it should? Check out the video I made below to find out.

So yeah, that didn’t work at all. Maybe my binder clip just wasn’t strong enough, but it couldn’t hold up my iPhone 4s. This first cellphone stand life hack is a fail.

Up next, I attempted a different binder clip iPhone stand. For this one, you’ll need a normal sized clip and a clip about half the size of the first one. To make this stand, all I had to do was grab the small slip with the large clip. Then it’s as simple as laying the phone on top of the clips as shown below.

Photo credit: Mat Tuck

This worked out really well. The only negative to this second phone stand is that it is tilted kind of far back. This really isn’t too much of a problem though and could be solved with a bigger binder clip on the back. This life hack is approved.

Well that’s it for this week. We had one approved cellphone stand and one failed stand. I’ve got two more completely different cellphone stand life hacks lined up to try out for next week and even more life hacks to on their way after that. Be sure to check give them a look when they come out.

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