• Sara Michalowicz

Kraft Heinz Petitions to Make Day After Super Bowl a National Holiday

Kraft Heinz is jumping on board with all football fans this year. The food giant is giving all its salaried employees the Monday after Super Bowl LI, February 6, off of work this year. They have launched a campaign to make the day, as they have dubbed “Smunday,” a national holiday across the United States.

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“If we can make Big Game Sunday awesome, we can make the Monday after awesome too. Make that Monday more like Sunday. Make it a Smunday and have more Sunday on your Monday than any of us have ever had in our lives. Don’t settle. Sign it. For your sanity. For your family. For your country.”

Heinz explained that more than 16 million people call in sick the day after the big game, which in turn costs the country about $1 billion in lost productivity, while those who do show up for work that day are simply just cranky.

Heinz stated in the petition on Change.org, “As far as we’re concerned at Heinz, we as a nation should stop settling for it being the worst work day of the year.” The company is co-headquartered in Chicago and Pittsburgh, neither city of which has a team in the game on Feb. 5.

Whether or not the petition succeeds, Heinz employees will remain off work for the day. If the petition collects over 100,000 signatures, they will send the petition to Congress “in the hopes of making this dream a reality.”

This year, the makers of Heinz Ketchup, Oscar Mayer hot dogs, Velveeta cheese and other products, have decided not to run a Super Bowl commercial this year, per the Chicago Tribune. All the viral social media buzz this petition is creating is great marketing for the company.

As of Monday afternoon, the petition has 44,966 supporters.

Super Bowl LI will take place on February 5 at 5:30 p.m. between the New England Patriots (AFC) and the Atlanta Falcons (NFC). The Super Bowl will take place at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas and will air on Fox. If you are a country or pop music fan, make sure to catch the beginning to watch Luke Bryan tackle the National anthem or see Lady Gaga take on the halftime show.

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