• Mat Tuck

Life Hacks by Mat: Cell Phone Stands Round 2

It’s time for round two of cellphone stand life hacks. Last week I tried out two binder clip cellphone stand life hacks which you can check out here. I found two knew cellphone stand hacks. One of them uses nothing but sunglasses while the other uses an old cassette box. I must admit, I was pretty skeptical going into this. Let’s see if these two new life hacks failed or passed.

The first life hack I found was an iPhone stand using sunglasses. This hack is nice because it requires very little effort to make. It took me a minute to figure out, but after a few flips and spins of my sunglasses, I found a nice way for the glasses to hold up the phone. Sunglass hack: approved.

Photo credit: Mat Tuck

But that’s not all! I found an additional way to make a stand. This next life hack says you can use an old cassette box to prop up your phone. I had to try it out.

First you need a cassette box and a metal file. I took the cassette box apart, separating it into two pieces. Then I used the file to make some notches in the box. After I blew out all the plastic shavings and reattached the cassette pieces, it was ready to go. The images below will show you exactly how it’s done. This second life hack is also approved.

Photo credit: Mat Tuck

Overall, the sunglasses life hack is good if you are in a rush, but if you have the time I’d say the cassette box stand is the better of the two. It was a bit sturdier.

This week we are two for two. Come back next week to see if the life hacks I dig up will be approved for use or fail miserably.

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