• Mat Tuck

Life Hacks by Mat: You're Peeling it Wrong!

It turns out I’ve been peeling oranges wrong my entire life. I, like most people, use my fingers to peal the skin off the citrusy fruit before consuming it. It usually takes a while and gets orange juices all over my hands.

Today, I found a much better solution.

All you need for this life hack is two hands, a knife, an orange and a surface to cut on. I used a plate for my cutting surface because using a cutting board seemed like overkill. However, a cutting board would work just as well.

The first thing you need to do to make this life hack work is cut the top and bottom off the orange.

Photo credit: Mat Tuck

Next, take a look at the inside of the orange (without pealing anything) and find a nice white line between two orange pieces. Cut the orange peel along the crease between the two orange pieces. Don’t cut into the actual orange, just the peel.

Photo credit: Mat Tuck

Then, place your fingers in the slit you just cut. Work your fingers to the center of the orange to loosen it. Then simply pull the orange apart and watch it unfold like an accordion.

Photo credit: Mat Tuck

Once completed, the orange is ready to eat and your hands should have minimal stickiness. Give this life hack a try next time you’re craving an orange and be sure to come back next week to see what other life hacks I can find!

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