• Clarice Swanson

Spring Break on a Budget

Photo courtesy of SpringBreakHQ

Spring Break: the perfect time to get away from the stress for a little while and enjoy a fun vacation. But everyone knows these trips can get a bit pricey. Here are some tips for how to plan a trip that won’t cost you your entire savings account.

Find Different Locations.

Although tourist-heavy locations like Disney World and the Wisconsin Dells are often fun to travel to, the ticket prices may deter you from heading the touristy route Instead of going with the status quo, look into places that are less well known and usually a lot less expensive. Many areas have smaller amusement parks, small towns and a lot of cool things to do that cost very little money. In finding hidden gems for vacation spots, you’ll drive your vacation cost way down, and definitely make some great memories along the way.

Look Locally.

In college, that goal of a European vacation is usually not plausible. So why not look for local solutions to break Spring Break boredom? Chicago is filled with great cheap beaches to go spend a day at, or you can take a hop over to Indiana for a little bit of city exploring in a new town. Often we forget about all the cool vacation spots that are right in our own backyards.

Look at Transportation Options.

Flying is fun, but plane ticket are certainly not always bank account friendly. So why not look at taking a long drive? Even a Florida road trip is only a day long drive, which is worth it to get to the sunshine and tropical weather. Road trips are also a great way to make memorable experiences, since being stuck in the car with your closest friend will certainly amount to great conversation.

So as you are planning Spring Break adventures, make sure to plan smart and use some of these tips to give yourself great memories without breaking the bank.

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