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Life Hacks by Mat: Quick Tips!

Here are a few quick tips you never knew you needed!

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Tape Tab

This first life hack is an amazing idea! Too often I find myself unable to locate the end of a role of tape. Sometimes (depending on the brand), even when I find the end it can be really irritating to get the tape off. This hack solves that problem. Simply find an old bread tab to hold your spot on the role of tape.

Photo credit: Mat Tuck


I never knew this, but apparently most newer TVs have USB plug-ins. That’s right, you can plug your phone into the back of your TV to charge it. Usually the TVs you find in hotel rooms have this USB slot. If you’re ever traveling and you forget your charger outlet port, you can just plug your phone into your hotel room’s television.

Photo credit: Mat Tuck

Keep Your Straw in Place

Placing a straw in a can can be frustrating when the straw constantly floats and rises to the top of the drink. No more floating straws with this hack! All you need to do is flip the can tab around to the side with the opening and place your straw inside. I don’t know if the creators of the pop can had this in mind when they made the design, but this works perfectly!

Photo credit: Mat Tuck

Flathead Power Plug

Do you ever need a flathead screwdriver but can’t seem to find one anywhere? Basic power plugs usually fit medium to large-sized screws. Now you can unscrew whatever you need, just as long as it isn’t a phillips head.

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