• James Thorpe

Young Arsonist Arrested in Hickory St. Fires

Photo credit: USF Encounter Staff

JOLIET, Ill. -- Two teenagers were arrested in connection to the February 16 Hickory Street fires that engulfed a house in the north 300-block of Hickory St. near the intersection with Western.

The fire that the two are charged with engulfed a house and garage that were vacant and undergoing renovations. The fire was initially ruled an arson by a fire department investigator on the scene according to police. The detectives arrested a 14-year-old at the police station at around 6:45 on February 22. The 14-year-old suspect provided police with enough information to arrest his 17-year-old accomplice on Krings Lane. The arrest took place about three hours after the arrest of the 14-year old suspect. Another 16-year old was arrested near Lemorr and Midland but was released and not charged with anything. The USF Encounter will continue to cover this developing story.

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