• James Thorpe

Wade Out for the Rest of the Bulls season

Photo courtesy of mcclatchy-wires.com

Dwayne Wade’s career in his hometown of Chicago looks like it may have come to a close. Wade had played 1,722 minutes for the Bulls this season before suffering an elbow injury during Wednesday night’s loss to the Memphis Grizzlies. It appeared to be a hyperextended elbow but after an MRI of the elbow, it was confirmed to be a sprain and fractured elbow. The Bulls confirmed that Wade would be ruled out for the remainder of the season but Dwayne Wade said that if the Bulls were to qualify and make the playoffs, he would be back in time to try to play.

The Bulls, who at the time of writing, sit tenth and a game back of the eighth Eastern Conference playoff spot. The Bulls have been victims of misfortune and poor managerial decisions. The Bulls currently have Cameron Payne accompanying Dwayne Wade on the injury report but have been consistently hit by injuries this year as other backcourt stars, Rajon Rondo and Jimmy Butler, both have spent time sidelined this year as well as a number of supporting players. The Bulls at the beginning of the season expressed a desire to become “younger and more athletic,” a direct quote from Bulls General Manager Gar Forman. They traded away Derrick Rose and released Joakim Noah to give youth a chance. They then brought in a 28-year-old Robin Lopez, a 30-year-old Rajon Rondo and a now 35-year-old Dwayne Wade. The Bulls do not look like a team going forward but rather a team trending downward and desperately trying to keep its hold on the top half of the East – hold that is getting more and more loose as time progresses.

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