• Kamari Jordan

Celebrity Beef: Nicki Minaj v. Remy Ma

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For the last ten years, the beef between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma has been swept under the rug as a little friendly competition between two female MCs, but by March 2017, the beef would be well-done and served on a piping hot plate.

When Nicki was up-and-coming as a young rapper from Southside Jamaica Queens, New York City, Remy Ma was serving a six-year sentence in Bedford Hills Correction Facility. In 2007, Nicki released “Dirty Money,” a freestyle over Terror Squad’s “Yeah yeah yeah” instrumental. After her release, in a Hot 97 interview Remy said she was proud of Nicki’s success and didn’t believe in tearing down a successful Black female.

In 2015, Remy took shots at an unnamed female MC in her freestyle over Nicki’s “Truffle Butter” instrumental. After what seemed like Remy’s retaliation to Nicki’s “Dirty Money,” the two cooled it, sending each other friendly tweets. On June 27, 2016, Remy congratulated Nicki on her BET female rapper of the year award and Nicki returned compliments on Remy’s big year musically. The comradery didn’t last long; a few months later both Remy and Nicki were spitting shady bars about an unnamed female MC.

The two female MCs went back and forth for some time and the final straw was Nicki’s verse on “Make Love.” In the song, Nicki takes a more direct shot at Remy. In February 2017, the internet and rap community exploded when Remy dropped “shETHER,” a six-minute diss song over rap legend Nas’s “ETHER.” In the diss track, Remy accuses Nicki of ghost writing and plastic surgery. Nicki responded to the diss track with a picture of Remy Ma and Fat Joe’s first week album sales flop and a video of Beyoncé referring to Nicki as the Queen of rap.

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The queen of messy herself, Wendy Williams, invited Remy and Fat Joe on her show where in reference to Nicki, Remy stated, “My grandmother told me to never speak ill of the dead.” After weeks of waiting, Nicki responded with “No Frauds.” Drake and Lil Wayne jumped on the track and it didn’t take long to hit #1 on iTunes. When asked about the diss record, Nicki said, “Young Money, we don’t do diss records, we drop hit records.”

I love both female rappers and want to refrain from choosing sides, but there are some concerns I have as a Hip-Hop enthusiast.

My first problem is that some people in the Hip-Hop community say Nicki does not have to respond to Remy. If Nas and Kanye responded to 50 cent and J. Cole addressed Diggy Simmons, Nicki Minaj should respond to Remy Ma. Beef is a part of Hip-Hop and as the “Queen of Rap,” you must defend your title. Another problem I have is Nicki Minaj using others to fight her battles. First she tried to use Beyoncé to verify that she was the “Queen of rap,” then she put Drake and Lil Wayne on her response to Remy Ma. Of course, with Drake and Lil Wayne the song is going to go #1 on iTunes Nicki, Remy came to fight fair and Nicki brought two more rappers, seems like a jump to me, Nicki.

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