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Life hacks by Mat: Conquer your food

It’s that time of the week again. It’s time for an all-new batch of life hack courteously of me, Mat Tuck. This week I’ve found four food-related life hacks that will blow your minds.


Isn’t it annoying when you want an ice-cold beverage but all your drinks are warm? I refuse to drink my Dr. Peppers cold! This life hack is for anyone out there who feels my pain. If you put a wet paper towel around your drink and leave it in the freezer for fifteen minutes, it will be nice and cold. I know. I was surprised too, but I tried it and it actually worked! The next time all you can find is warm drinks in your house, don’t freak-out. Just chill. Literally!

Photo credit: Mat Tuck

Perfect Sandwich Guide

Up next, I’ve found the perfect way to place your meat in a sandwich. I’ll never understand why they expect us to eat round meat with square bread. I hate biting into a sandwich and getting nothing but bread because the shapes just don’t match up. This life hack solves that problem. Simply cut two round pieces of meat in half and place them as shown in the image. Playing with your food never served a better purpose.

Photo credit: Mat Tuck

Ketchup Holder Hack

If you love ketchup with fries but wish your cheap fast-food ketchup holder could hold more, then this hack is perfect for you. These things were designed to expand. Unroll the rim of the holder to increase its capacity for ketchup-holding.

Photo credit: Mat Tuck

Cupcake Sandwich

I won’t lie, this last life hack isn’t super helpful, but it is super awesome. If you cut the bottom half of a cupcake off and place it on the top of the frosting, it turns into a cupcake sandwich. It’s just a different and fun way to eat a cupcake. Who knows, you might impress someone with this at a party or at least make someone laugh.

Photo credit: Mat Tuck

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