• Clarice Swanson

Celebrating Education, Leadership and Diversity on Campus: USF's Honor Societies

At USF, the best and brightest are honored through the many different honors societies around campus. From groups centered around academic excellence in different subjects, to pride in leadership from various cultural backgrounds, the honor societies at USF recognize leadership and strength on every account.

The College of Arts and Sciences hosts the majority of academic honor societies. For the programs hosted on the main campus, honor societies for the sciences include the Tri-Beta National Biological honor society and Lambda Nu, which are dedicated to our radiological science majors. Under the computer science undergraduate program there is Epsilon Delta Pi. For Mathematics majors, there is Kappa Mu Epsilon, a group dedicated to the further interest of mathematics and providing recognition for achievement in the field. The Social Work program hosts the Kappa Rho chapter of Phi Alpha, a group meant to create a bond for social work students and to promote humanitarian goals and ideas. For psychology, there is Psi Chi, dedicated to recognizing and promoting excellence in the science and application of psychology. In the department of English, there is Sigma Tau Delta, focused on distinction of high achievement in English Studies and foster all aspects of the discipline of English. Finally, the newest honor society in the college is Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Honor Society, which just inducted its first group of members this past fall.

At the St. Bonaventure Campus, three honor societies are hosted for the strong academic programs there. The first is the National History Honor Society, Phi Alpha Theta, whose mission is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians. Pi Sigma Alpha, for political science majors, aims to promote high academic achievement in the field of political science. Third, Recreation, Sports and Tourism Management majors have the opportunity to join Rho Phi Lambda, the national honorary fraternity for recreation, park and leisure majors.

Every other college at USF includes at least one honor society for its academic majors. Kappa Delta Pi is a national honor society that recognizes excellence in education, hosted under the College of Education. For the College of Business, Delta Mu Delta recognizes those excelling in the field of business administration. Finally, the College of Nursing hosts the Upsilon Delta chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, an organization that focuses on engaging students in nursing and developing leadership skills.

Outside of groups focused on academic subjects, USF hosts a variety of other honor societies as well. There are groups that celebrate leaders from different cultural backgrounds, including the San Alberto Hurtado Latino Honor Society and the Augustus Tolton Honor Society for African American students. There are also several groups that celebrate the Catholic tradition, including Delta Epsilon Sigma for undergraduate students and Kappa Gamma Pi for graduate students. For non traditional students age 25 or older, Pinnacle represents those in non traditional higher education who are exceling in their studies. Lastly is our Duns Scotus Honors Program, a program which emphasizes Franciscan values, service learning and cultural experiences.

In every realm of education and college experience, USF has an honor society to emphasize students who truly are leaders in their field.

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