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#BigBrother recap: August 27

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The houseguests found themselves standing inside moving hotdog bun-shaped platforms holding on for their lives during this week’s Head of Household (HOH) competition.

In the end, the battle for HOH came down to alliance members Jason and Alex, who surprisingly sparred for several minutes before Alex threw the HOH.

In her diary room confessional, Alex explained her motive for this display: to minimize her and Jason’s perceived threat to the rest of the houseguests. However, this only proved to confuse everyone and anger Matt, who was still trying to figure out who had cast the two votes against him last week.

Following Jason’s victory, Paul, Alex and Jason quickly went to work trying to pin one of the two votes on Kevin to give Matt and Raven a false sense of security—the plan is to backdoor Matt. Although it worked, in a moment of panic, Jason confessed to Kevin that he was one of the rogue votes.

Despite this, Paul continued to assure Matt and Raven they were backdooring Kevin and that he would be nominated against one of them. Yet, when it came time for the nomination ceremony, Matt and Raven found themselves on the block next to each other but still confident they were safe.

On Wednesday night’s episode, Jason kept up the charade by assuring Raven and Matt that if he were to win the veto, Kevin would be put up in Raven’s place.

However, up in the HOH Room, Jason voiced his reservations to Alex about sticking to the plan. Come time for the Veto Competition, Jason was still uncertain about what he would do if he won.

For this week’s veto competition, the houseguests were tasked with hiding cards with their names on them somewhere in the house. One by one, they then had two minutes to try and find their opponents’ cards, effectively, eliminating them from the game.

The competition left the house a mess and saw Raven knock her own showmance out of the game, leaving Jason victorious.

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Following the Veto Competition, Jason talked to Kevin up in the HOH room to let him know he would be going up as a replacement nominee but was safe for the week. Jason assured Kevin that this plan would allow the house to technically stick to the deal made with Maven while still evicting Matt.

Kevin was not swayed, leaving Jason to break the news to Alex, Paul, Josh and Christmas that they may have to get some blood on their hands.

The three tried to explain to Jason that going against the original plan would ensure two jury votes against him (Matt and Raven) rather than one (Kevin), if he made it to final two. Despite this, when it came time for the Veto Meeting, Jason decided to leave nominations the same and then quickly ran to hide in the storage room with Alex. This action upset both Matt and Raven who thought Jason was being a coward for refusing to confront them. Eventually, however, Jason came to face the music.

Immediately, Matt and Raven started in on the rodeo clown, asking him why he was not just upfront about the house’s intentions and repeatedly assured their safety. Surprisingly, Jason refused to admit that he had ever ensured their safety, making Matt even angrier. As Matt and Jason continued to argue, Raven, who was visibly upset, headed out to the backyard.

In an attempt to get Raven to team up with himself, Christmas and Josh, in order to take a shot and Jason and Alex next week, Paul went outside to console her, and it worked.

Back inside the house, Jason and Matt continued to argue with Jason to no avail. At this point, knowing that his fate would be sealed on eviction night, Matt decided to find out who had voted to evict him last week.

While Jason ended up telling Matt the truth, Alex lied to stay in good graces with Raven and Matt. Unfortunately the cereal-loving guy would not find out who cast the 2nd vote against him, as at the end of Thursday night’s episode, he was evicted 6-0.

(Note: Matt accrued a penalty vote by refusing to eat slop while he was a Have-Not this week).

Who will be the next HOH and who will they put up on the block? Leave your predictions in the comments below!

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