• Iain Morison

Dorm room essentials no one is talking about

Coming into a fresh, new year, everyone is buying and preparing their dorm rooms for the next nine grueling months of study and grinding. We all know and buy the classic essentials like laundry baskets and TVs, but if you really want to take your room to the next level, look into these items that will transform your room.

Photo courtesy of PB Teen

Bean Bag: A bean bag is flexible and extremely comfortable, and can be bought for a greater discount than the classic futon. You can mold it into any shape you want and there is nothing better than falling into it after a long day and emerging hours later after a good relaxation session. They can easily be found on Amazon and come in any size or color you could imagine.

Tapestry: I feel like a dorm essential is having amazing ambiance, and while lights are usually the classic ambiance creator, a tapestry can really bring the atmosphere to a new level. It can be anything from a landscape to patterns – there is usually a tapestry to suit all personalities. These can also be purchased off Amazon for fairly cheap, but it could be considered a worthy investment into awesome living space.

Blender/Smoothie Maker: These can be purchased for very cheap and they offer great versatility when it comes to snacking and meal time. You can make a smoothie of the fruits that you take from your local cafeteria or you could make a classic protein shake.

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