• James Thorpe

Sharks found making themselves at home

LaGrangeville, N.Y. -- A New York homeowner was found to have sharks living in his home. The discovery came after a police search of the property where seven live sharks were found swimming in an above-ground pool in the man’s basement.

The pool which measured about 15 feet housed not only seven live sand bar sharks, but also had two dead leopard sharks and one dead hammerhead shark. "It's extremely unusual," said veteran Dutchess County SPCA officer Kimberly McNamee. McNamee has worked over 4,000 cases but said that this is the first of its kind. "I've seen crocodiles, snakes, some stingrays, and I know there was another case that they had alligators," she said. "No sharks."

The person who owns the property has not been charged with a crime yet. It is illegal to own sand tiger sharks without a special permit anywhere on the United States’ eastern seaboard. Local residents were perplexed by the discovery with one resident, Carmella Antonakos, saying, “I can't believe that this happened here, it's such a small town, and there's no sharks near here, there's no ocean near here." The sharks were originally caught along the gulf coast, reported Long Island Aquarium’s Katie Marino, who is now a part of the team caring for the sharks at the aquarium. Experts said the baby sharks found are one to three years old and could grow up to 9 feet long, which is too big to be kept as a legal pet.

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