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#BigBrother recap: September 10

The excitement in the Big Brother House last week started after Jason’s eviction with Josh and Paul, the self-proclaimed puppet master, began fighting. Paul was accusing Josh of trying to backdoor him.

The fight was part of a well-orchestrated plan to make it appear as Paul had been blindsided as well, as to conceal the fact that Paul had orchestrated Jason’s eviction.

Josh “admitted” that he would’ve backdoored Paul, saying that he is too strong of a competitor.

Following their confrontation, Paul went to work ensuring Alex was still on his side. However, Alex was still distraught over the loss of her ride-or-die who left without saying goodbye to her. In her diary room confessional (DR), Alex expressed her fear of Jason assuming she was behind his eviction.

Fearing that Alex was out for revenge, Paul set her sights away from targeting Christmas and Josh by telling her that if she wanted to win the game, she had to target bigger physical threats; i.e. Kevin and Raven who was Paul’s next target. Alex agreed and explained to the DR that Paul was the only one she had left.

Following the second HOH Competition and nominations, Paul was pleased that him and “Joshmas” had remained off the block.

After the Veto Competition, in which Josh was the victor, he went to go talk to Alex in the BB Lounge. Although Paul followed him in there, Josh ordered him out of the room. Left alone with Alex, Josh asked her what she wanted him to do with the Power of Veto (POV).

Since Alex previously had her sights on Kevin, it was no surprise that she told Josh to keep the nominations the same. At the Veto Meeting, Josh chose to respect Alex’s wishes, leaving Kevin and Raven on the chopping block. He then gathered Christmas, Alex and Paul into the storage room to let them know he was going to vote out Kevin.

Paul, though supportive, didn’t think this was the best option for him or "Joshmas.” Moments before the live voting was to begin, Paul whispered into Christmas’ ear that the two of them were going to vote to evict Raven. While Raven ultimately ended up being the 2nd evicted houseguest of the night, it ended up being by a 2-to-1 vote with Josh voting to evict Kevin.

Alex, after being blindsided for the second time that night, went to speak with Josh in the BB Lounge. Fearing that they would both be targeted next, Alex urged a distraught Josh to stay focused.

Their conversation was cut short by the entrance of a teary-eyed Paul, who thanked Josh for not using the Veto and admitted that he voted to evict Raven—fearing her ability to beat him in upcoming HOH competitions.

The second that Alex left the lounge, however, Paul stopped crying, revealing he had fooled Alex for the third time that night. Following the DE, Paul began setting a plan in motion to get Alex out of the house.

To do this, he approached Kevin and asked him to throw the next HOH Competition. When Kevin asked whom he was throwing it to, Paul told him Christmas, although, his intention was to let Josh win. Kevin, trusting Paul’s word, agreed.

Paul then had to convince Josh to win the next HOH.

However, it was not until Paul convinced Josh that Alex was manipulating him to keep herself safe, and reminded him that Paul had been loyal to him throughout the game; that Josh agreed.

This week, Big Brother brought together some BB Alum to participate in a fictional super-hero themed Big Brother movie trailer called, “The Revengers”, to be used in the HOH Competition.

In the trailer, Nicole aka October Fist enlists the help of Momma Day (Da’Vonne); Beast Mode Cowboy (Caleb); El Fit Vic (Victor) and The Flamingo (Frankie) to rescue their friends James, Austin and Jessie who have been turned into zombies by the evil Funeral Director, portrayed by Dan Gheesling.

The houseguests were gathered into the Living Room to view the trailer. Once it was over, they headed to the backyard to begin the HOH Competition.

For this competition, the houseguests were asked seven questions regarding “The Revengers” trailer—each question pertained to a specific character. After each question, the houseguests would lock in their answer by placing a cardboard cutout of the character in front of their post. The person with the most points at the end of seven rounds would become the next Head of Household.

Although, Paul told Kevin to throw the competition right away as he did last week, Kevin maintained a steady lead with Josh and Christmas for the first five rounds.

Kevin explained in the DR that despite trusting Paul, he wanted to win HOH to receive a letter and pictures from his family. Luckily for Paul, by the sixth round Josh was in the lead much to the surprise of Kevin.

However, Kevin ended up throwing in the towel, telling the DR that he trusted Paul. This decision ultimately allowed Josh to become Head of Household. Alex, although upset that Josh won, told the viewers that she was going to lay low and play nice so as not to give Josh a reason to nominate her.

Following the Veto Competition, Paul checked in with Josh to make sure he knew what his next move had to be i.e. nominating Alex. This conversation worried Josh, who felt as though Paul was trying to make it clear that he ran the house.

Although Alex and Kevin went up on the block, Josh suggested to the viewers that this might be a prime opportunity for him to backdoor Paul.

Following the nomination ceremony, though reluctant to reveal his true intentions to Alex, Josh attempted to talk to her in the Lounge. Alex, visibly upset, told Josh that he was the last person she trusted and that she felt betrayed by him. In the DR, Alex revealed that although, she was mad at Josh, her tears were an attempt to gain Josh’s sympathy.

It worked, with Paul walking into the Lounge later to see Christmas consoling Josh who told them he felt bad for betraying Alex.

Paul told Josh to snap out of it and Christmas backed him up, telling Josh that Alex was manipulating him.

In the kitchen, Josh asked Christmas to promise they would be sitting in the Final Two (F2) spot together. However, Christmas told him that she had not made her decision yet. In the DR, Christmas admitted that she was torn between Paul and Josh and that she didn’t think Josh taking her to F2 would be a smart move for his game.

For this week’s Veto Competition, the BB Comics were back! Since Christmas was not medically cleared to participate, it was up to Paul or Josh to win the Veto and keep nominations the same or turn the tide of the game.

The houseguests had 45 minutes to complete the challenge in which they slid down a zipline, past a comic book display. They then had to zipline back towards their own display and rummage through their comics to create an identical display. The houseguest who completed the task in the shortest amount of time would win the POV.

Once Alex had completed the competition, it was time to reveal the results. Since Kevin had timed out, Paul, Josh and Alex were the ones in the running for POV.

Josh came in third place with a time of 24:36. Then, it was between Paul and Alex. Alex completed the competition with a time of 14:34, surprising Paul. Unfortunately for her, Paul would take the POV with a time of 12:36. Despite this success, Paul would then have a difficult decision to make, as he would either have to save Alex and arouse “Joshmas” suspicions or out himself to Alex.

Ultimately, Paul chose the latter and asked Alex to follow him into the Parlor Room where he proceeded to tell her he could not use the Power of Veto.

Throwing Josh and Christmas under the bus, he explained that by keeping Alex in the game would mean he would lose Josh and Christmas’ jury vote while, Alex would have their vote along with Mark and Jason’s.

This angered Alex, who tearfully told him that she had been by his side the entire game and had lost her ride-or-die Jason because of him. She told him that Jason would’ve taken her to F2 regardless of whether he could win against her or not and with that their conversation was over.

At the Veto Meeting, Alex made her final appeal to Paul, telling him that she didn’t believe either Kevin, Josh or Christmas would vote for her if she made it to the end. This plea was to no avail, as Paul chose not to use the Power of Veto.

Despite this, in a last act of goodwill towards Alex on Wednesday’s eviction, Paul chose to evict Kevin. Nevertheless, Alex was the next one out.

Although it had been a rough week for Paul, he came out on top once again, winning the HOH Competition and securing his spot in the Final Three.

Yet the week wasn’t over, as on Thursday night’s regular eviction, Paul as HOH had to nominate two final houseguests for eviction.

Knowing that only one houseguest would be casting their vote, Paul chose to nominate Josh and Kevin—allowing Josh to sit back and relax without worry and allowing Christmas to take a shot at his final target; Kevin.

Following the Nomination Ceremony, it was time to head to the Jury House to check in with the Jury Members. Not surprisingly, Mark and Elena are enjoying their time together while Cody is playing third wheel and can’t wait to leave the house.

First to show up following Mark’s eviction was Matt who showed them how his eviction played out and explained that he was led to believe Kevin was the target.

Both Mark and Elena expressed surprise at this, telling Mat that there would’ve been no reason to backdoor Kevin as he was unlikely to win the POV. Next to enter the house was Jason, who was still shaken after his eviction and unsure who had a hand in it. Showing them the tape, the Jury Members were shocked that the entire house threw the HOH to Christmas.

After watching the Nomination Ceremony, in which Christmas told Alex and Jason she was gunning for a strong male target; Jason told the Jury Members that he believed Christmas was going to backdoor Kevin. Elena was once again surprised that Kevin was ever believed to be the target.

Next up was Raven, who told the houseguests she was blindsided on Double Eviction Night and let Jason know that so was Alex. To the confusion of the other Jury Members, Raven also claimed that she had a hand in each of their evictions and was working closely with Paul the entire time.

Finally, Alex arrived and as the Jury Members watched her eviction play out she filled them in on how Paul told her taking her to the F2 would lose him the game and taking her off the block would lose him the jury votes. Jason told Alex that she shouldn’t vote for Paul but Alex told him they had to because Paul had played a superior game to either Josh or Christmas.

Following this segment, it was back to the Big Brother house for the final Veto Competition of the season, called, “Back to the Veto.”

Over a series of rounds, the houseguests were asked questions about events that occurred in the Big Brother House this season. By turning two dials, the houseguests had to lock in their answer i.e. what day number the event occurred on.

The person that locked in their answer last, three times in a row, would be eliminated. In the first round, Christmas was the first to lock in her answer last. Although she was worried, by the fourth round Kevin found himself eliminated.

Unfortunately, Christmas found herself out of the competition shortly after, leaving just Paul and Josh to battle it out. Luckily for Paul, he was able to show that his luck hasn’t run out yet and won the final Veto of the summer!

On Eviction Night, though Kevin was assured he was safe Paul chose to keep the nominations the same and let Christmas do his dirty work. She did and Kevin left the house.

In his final interview with host Julie Chen, Kevin said that he wasn’t surprised he’d been evicted but said held no ill feelings towards Paul—even after watching Paul’s goodbye message to him in which he threw Christmas under the bus rather than own up to his game.

That’s it until finale night on Wednesday, September 20! Who’ll be crowned the winner and take home the $500,000 prize? Leave your predictions in the comments below!

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