• Christian Hoeger

iPhone 8 and X (10) Announced

Last week, Apple held their annual “Special Event” but for the first time it was held at the Steve Jobs Theater. Due to online leaks (and common sense), it was widely known that Apple would announce the newest version of their world dominating iPhone. What didn’t circulate until a month before the event however was that Apple would be announcing TWO iPhones during the event.

The first was the obvious, the next numbered iteration of the iPhone, the 8, and its giant-sized brother, the 8 Plus. The 8 held the status quo established with the 7, with slight upgrades and tweaks. A new camera to go with a revamped “portrait mode” and the phone now using the most “durable” glass yet were the biggest takeaways of the announcement. A lot of talk was focused on the new Augmented Reality technology however, it looks like Apple is pushing the platform to developers as the future of games and advertising. But one more thing…

Being the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone, Apple brought a second iPhone in to the mix, the iPhone X (like the Roman numeral "10" but also labeled X to avoid confusion). After eliminating the headphone jack with the last iPhone, Apple continued their cuts with a screen taking up the entire front of the phone which takes away the “home button” as we know it. The phone is entirely made of glass and features the crispest screen ever used on an iPhone. The price point is also the highest in iPhone history starting at $999 for a 64 GB.

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