• Misael Tobias

Uniting to Help Victims of Mexico City Earthquake

News stories aren’t usually the easiest things to digest, but it feels harder than ever with what feels like an endless amount of national disasters. Last week, a devastating earthquake in Mexico City has taken the lives of over 300 people and is now being called the worst earthquake the country has seen in decades. There are countless videos of buildings collapsing and parts of the city in ruin.

While these are hard times for the people of Mexico City, there is one thing I feel must be highlighted, something we’ve seen with every national disaster that has been going on the past couple of weeks: the large amount of help for the victims. People are already acting fast to help out all victims of the national disaster. People are working together to search for any missing and rescuers from all over are seen digging through rubble helping those who got trapped under destroyed buildings.

It’s also not limited to people down in Mexico City either. Donations from all over the world are being made to aid those in need. According to Sasha Lekach of Mashable, some organizations are looking for monetary donations, such as UNICEF Mexico, while other organizations such as Red Cross Mexico, Oxfam Mexico, Save the Children Mexico, Direct Relief, and Topos Mexico are taking monetary donations along with clothes, water and food. These are the resources that Mexico City needs the most.

Huge donations have already been made, such as a GoFundMe created by the University of Pennsylvania and has raised close to $30,000 to donate to Mexican Red Cross. Another campaign was created by Mexican actress Salma Hayek and managed to donate more than $170,000, $100,000 of it coming from her own money, to UNICEF.

This isn’t even the half of it, which is incredible on its own. Things are hard for Mexico City, as well as Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida, and more, but with people banding together to help dig through the rubble or donate clothes and water from across the world, the “City of Palaces” is no lost cause. Abrazos para Mexico.

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