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#BigBrother SeasonFinale recap: September 21

After 92 days the wait is over! Last Thursday, the Big Brother Season 19 finale occurred and now we can announce that the winner is………JOSH?

It all started with Part 1 of the final HOH competition where Paul, Josh and surprisingly; a cast-wearing Christmas, stood atop a tilting cloud platform while simultaneously; having to hold on to the tail of a unicorn statue.

With the winner of Part 1 immediately advancing to the final round and securing the chance to choose their final two, the duo were ready to battle it out—every man or woman for themselves—and boy, were they ready! First up in the diary room (DR) was Christmas, who told the viewers how pumped she was to be able to compete in the Part 1 of the Final HOH Competition; having had to sit out of several competitions over the summer due to her injury.

Next up was Josh, who explained to the viewers he was still considering who he would be taking to Final 2 (F2) if he was given the opportunity. However, then he revealed that the previous night Paul had made a convincing case for why Josh should take him to F2.

In a flashback from the previous night, Paul told Josh that Christmas would likely beat both of them in the Jury vote seeing as she’s managed a relatively quiet social game throughout the entire season. This is despite having come into personal conflict with Jessica and two members of the Jury—Mark and Kevin. Then there was Paul, who of course, was ready to redeem himself from last year’s loss.

28 minutes into the competition, everyone was still standing yet things were looking bleak for Christmas as her cloud began to tilt backwards, putting pressure on her broken leg. However, in the DR she told the viewers she wasn’t giving up just yet.

Within 38 minutes, Josh was beginning to feel the burn as well. In the DR, he explained how difficult it was to hold on, as his arms began to hurt and his legs were beginning to tremble. Though he tried to hold on, within two minutes, he jumped off his post leaving Paul and Christmas to battle it out.

Unfortunately, within 17 minutes, after Christmas’ cloud began to incline even further, the pain became too much and she too was forced to drop.

With Paul deemed the winner he automatically would advance to Part 3 of the HOH Competition.

In the DR, Paul tearfully celebrated the conquering of this obstacle saying his success was the result of his hard work and determination. Though she was upset at her loss, Christmas would have the opportunity to secure her spot in Part 3 by competing against Josh in the Part 2 competition called “Knock Em’ Down.” In this timed competition, the two houseguests would start their buzzer to reveal a scroll telling them to align with houseguests that fit a specific description.

Standing in front of cardboard cutouts of their evicted houseguests, they would then have to knock down the houseguests that did not fit the scroll’s description.

Christmas was first and going into this competition she was ready to avenge herself. With the first scroll that read, “Align yourself with the evicted houseguests that have won HOH,” Christmas was confident in her answers i.e. Cody, Jessica, Jason and Alex.

However, she found trouble as she had to knock down the remaining houseguests cutouts using a slew of launching devices i.e. a crossbow, slingshot etc. Within her first few tries, she mistakenly knocked down Cody and Alex’s cutouts, which, she would have to reset before buzzing in.

Through several rounds this problem persisted, as Christmas, would be confident in her answers but lacking in her takedown of the other houseguests’ cutouts. Josh would have the same problem but ultimately have better luck. When the results were revealed he had clocked in with a time of 1 hour as opposed to Christmases’ 1 hour and 39 minutes.

This earned him a spot in Part 3 of the final HOH Competition alongside Paul. The competition played out live on Wednesday night. For the competition called “Scales of Just Us,” host Julie Chen read Paul and Josh incomplete statements made by each of the Jury Members.

The men, who were each standing atop two balance scales, had to then choose one of two possible endings to each statement in order to end up tipping the scales in their favor. In the first round, Paul took the lead however Josh quickly followed him.

The Meatball and the Puppet Master were neck and neck through 4 rounds—each with two points. However, after two rounds in which neither man scored a point, Josh won 4-2, becoming Head of Household and securing his spot in the Final Two.

Following this competition, it was time for Paul and Christmas to make their plea for the Final Two spot alongside Josh. Paul kept it simple and civil, telling Josh that he’d worked alongside him and kept him safe the whole game and hoped that he would do the same. Christmases’ approach was different, instead addressing both men and thanking them for an amazing summer.

Although Christmas has been Josh’s supposed ride-or-die the entire season, the scales shockingly tipped in Paul’s favor one last time. Josh chose to save him, telling Christmas that with the Jury’s supposed animosity towards him, he had a better shot against Paul; the bigger target.

When it came time for the taped Jury Roundtable with former Big Brother 2 winner Dr. Will Kirby, it seemed as though Josh may have a chance.

During the roundtable, although the Jury Members expressed their disdain with Josh’s gameplay—which frequently consisted of confrontation, banging pots and pans, crying and riding coattails—Cody, Alex and Mark gave Josh credit for taking action while Paul manipulated houseguests from behind the scenes.

When the question of why Paul should win the game came up, the bitterness of the Jury came out.

While Kevin commended Paul’s ability to manipulate the entire house, Mark and Cody felt differently, telling Dr. Will that Paul had the entire game handed to him via The Pendant of Protection which, gave him 3 weeks of safety.

When Dr. Will pointed out that the houseguests had several weeks after The Pendant of Protection had run its course to evict him.

However, Elena retorted by saying that nobody had a true chance at taking a shot at Paul, who was only loyal to himself and targeted those who went against him.

From there, the conversation turned Paul’s lies and manipulations he concocted to pit the duos against each other. Alex explained her frustration at Paul’s continual lies as a way of making outgoing houseguests feel belittled by him and Jason backed her up by saying that Paul overplayed.

Although, Dr. Will got most of the remaining houseguests to admit that they had lied or backstabbed over the course of the game—bar Cody and Alex—Mark was consistent in saying that Paul overcompensated with his lies. At that point, Dr. Will speculated to the Jury Members that they were simply sore losers to which, Jason was the only to admit that he was. Nevertheless, Dr. Will told the Jury that like it or not they had to crown a winner but would have the opportunity to question the Final Two before making their decision.

When it came time to question the Final Two, the Jury Members were ready and came out swinging.

Elena was up first and asked Paul how the bullying that transpired over the course of the season—which Paul was believed to have orchestrated—served his game.

Paul responded by saying that he did not believe he had orchestrated any bullying and that he had served as a mediator and sounding board for those who had been the target of bullying in the house.

Next up was Matt, who asked Josh to explain his game strategy and biggest move as the Jury believed Paul had carried Josh to the end. Josh responded to this question by saying that he aligned with the right people—namely Paul and Christmas and Alex and Jason—by gaining their trust and getting information in return. He then said that getting Alex out was his biggest move as she knew the game as well as he did and would’ve likely beat him had she gone farther.

Alex then asked Paul why he had created friendships and alliances with people in that he would then go on to destroy by backstabbing them. Paul responded by saying that despite the genuine friendships he’d made he could only take some of those friends so far or otherwise jeopardize his game.

Cody then went on to ask Josh what part he had played in his success as it seemed to the Jury that Paul had carried him most of the way. Josh responded by telling them that he wanted to stay under the radar so he downplayed his intelligence and knowledge of the game in order to gain their trust. Having gained Paul’s trust, he said that he knew he had to stick with him throughout the entirety of the game.

Only two more questions remained before both Paul and Josh would have the opportunity to make their final appeals to the Jury. First, Jason asked Paul why he would continue to lie to each evicted houseguest when it was apparent they were the week’s target and would be heading to Jury where they could compare notes.

To this, Paul responded by saying he was always true to his word—if he said he was going to use the Veto to pull someone off the block then he did—but that allowing others to take shots for him meant he was always eligible to compete for HOH.

The last Jury Member to ask a question was Mark, who asked Josh why he would proceed to engage in an altercation with several houseguests, cry afterwards while proclaiming he’d never to do it again though he inevitably would.

Josh responded by saying that he came into the house with the intention of exposing the lying and backstabbing that other houseguests were going to partake in. He explained that while he didn’t always feel good about doing it he had gotten to the Final Two because of this strategy.

Though Christmas was also able to ask either nominee one question as well, she used the opportunity to have some fun with Josh, asking him who he’d rather evict Pepe (her scooter) or Crutches (her crutches). Spoiler Alert: He voted to evict Pepe.

With that, Paul and Josh each had a chance to try and sway the Jury before the voting began. Paul was up first and explained that as a veteran of the game, he came in with a huge target on his back. At a disadvantage, he explained that he had to get himself in a position—with his first HOH—where he could gain control of the numbers in the house. He said that this would allow him to gain the houseguests’ trust and allow him to have a hand in every single HOH that he didn’t win—so that he could control whom the target was for the week. Following the first double eviction, he said that he had to change his gameplay; aligning himself between the three duos—Jalex, Joshmas and Maven—to allow them to take shots at one another while he sat back. He then was able to win the HOH Competition that secured his spot in the Final Three and won the first part of the final HOH Competition. This ensured he would be eligible for Part Three and have a chance at securing his place in the Final Two.

Then it was Josh’s turn. In his plea, he explained that he aligned himself strategically with Paul and Christmas and Jason and Alex; two duos that held a significant amount of power throughout the season due to their HOH wins. He said that he took shots when he was HOH—namely at Mark, Elena and Jessica—and was able to successfully go after Alex who he viewed as a physical threat to him.

Before he sat down, he told the Jury that they had underestimated him physically and mentally, allowing him to get to the Final Two and said he hoped they could respect that.

Surprisingly, they did as Josh won 5-4—the sole vote cast by Cody sealing Paul’s fate for the second year in a row by the same number of votes!

Were you happy with the results? Should another BB veteran get a second chance? Let us know in the comments while we wait for casting announcements for Celebrity Big Brother (US)!

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