• Ivan Flores

Got New Shoes & A New Attitude: Fergie’s New Album + Visual Out Now

The wait is finally over, Fergie finally struts back with her long-awaited sophomore LP. Hungry, starving, thirsty and ambitious is what the 42-year-old, multi-genre artist describes herself throughout her new album, Double Dutchess.

With an array of major producers and star-studded collaborations from rappers Nicki Minaj and YG, as well as her son Axl Jack, Fergie achieved to have complete control with this album, as she co-produced and co-wrote almost every song.

Former Dutchess now self-proclaimed “Ferrari Fergie” took the Beyoncé route by releasing music videos for not only every single but as well as one for every other track, thus creating a “visual album” titled Double Dutchess: Seeing Double. According to Billboard, the visual premiered in iPic Theaters a week before the album’s release date around the country in a special one-night-only night event. Cameos in the music videos include Chrissy Teigen, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian West, Ciara and any others of her celebrity inner circle.

Fergie recently sat down with Marie Claire Magazine during her promo media tour to discuss the creative process of her latest album and revealed that “… it was important to make honest songs—not only ones that are fun and hip-hop, or a fun dance pop song or a reggae song,” she told Marie Claire. “This is my time and place to get into those crevices of what’s going on inside…I’ve been through a lot in my life so that’s where I go. My therapy is writing it down and journaling. This is the time not only to express it lyrically, but melodically and visually.”

The bigger question is… will you go see her at a venue near you?

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