• Christian Hoeger

"Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle" Review: Brought to you by Disc Replay

I was behind the times on the first "Kingsman" movie. I saw the first couple previews and wasn’t sure what they were going for, was it a satire of the spy movie genre or an over-the-top action flick? I missed it in theaters and didn’t get around to until it came out on HBO. This is one of my biggest misses in movie-watching. "Kingsman" is one of the funniest, well-choreographed and overall fun movies I've watched in years. It was over-the-top but in all the best ways. I loved it.

So…you can bet all the money in the world I was in the theaters the first week for the sequel. It was like Matthew Vaughn and Company knew the keys to my heart by setting the very first fight scene to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” and it was only onwards and upwards from there. The film does suffer from the fact that it is not as fresh as the first one, which seemed like nothing we had seen, especially the infamous Church Scene. The sequel took what worked in the first and made very obvious call-backs and remixes of famous moments in the first movie, which can be a mix of endearing and tired.

Overall, though the movie zips a brisk pace, even with an over two-hour run time. If you enjoyed the first film, you will love this one just as much. The fight scenes are beautifully edited and choreographed, even if not using practical effects and the comedy still sticks the landing. I personally give it an 8/10 and will definitely add it to the collection of re-watchable films.

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