• Kamari Jordan

Superstar T-Boz Mourns the Loss of Her Cousin

While promoting their new album, the two remaining members of the legendary 90’s girl group TLC made bold statements regarding the Black Lives Matter movement and Donald Trump. Chilli stated she stood with the All Lives Matter movement and explained her position during an interview. T-Boz made it clear that God was her president and that she did not care for Donald Trump.

T-Boz is back in the news after the death of her cousin on September 20th. Eddie Russell Jr., 25, was shot dead in front of his home on the 2800 block of West Sheffield Avenue in Peoria, IL. Due to inconsistencies in police accounts of the shooting, the family have hired Chicago-based lawyer, Andrew Stroth. Stroth called the shooting an “execution” and stated, “It was unjustified, it was excessive force, and the family demands answers and a full investigation.” Police say an armed Eddie Russell Jr robbed a nearby bank earlier that day. Stroth insists that there are inconsistencies in the police accounts of the shooting and the events that led to the shooting, making it impossible to believe this was a justified shooting.

Initially police statements suggested Russell Jr had been shot 5 or 6 times, but after gathering evidence and conducting the autopsy it was determined Russell had been shot as many as 18 times. Police Captain Mike Scally did not comment on Stroth’s statements, but Stroth assured the public that “the family will pursue every possible legal strategy to get justice for their son.

T-Boz took to social media stating, “The crime doesn’t fit the punishment” and “the child has a non-violent history. He was mentally ill.” T-Boz posted a picture of Eddie Russell Jr. and wrote, “My cousin was shot 18 times including in the face and back of his head! He harmed no one ever! He had mental health issues and the cops knew that!”

Eddie Jr’s uncle told reporters Eddie Russell Sr. tried to ask police to let him speak to his son inside the house, but police refused and told him to trust them. Shortly after 6 police officers fired at Eddie Russell Jr., resulting in his death. The officers have been placed on administrative leave pending the investigation.

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