• Alex Guglielmucci

New Youth Supervision Policy at Local Mall

If you are a teen and enjoy going to the mall on the weekends, you may want to re-think that. Starting October 13, the Louis Joliet Mall will launch its youth supervision policy, which requires anyone 17 or younger to be escorted by an adult, parent or legal guardian 21 or older at all times from 5 p.m. through the mall’s closing time on Fridays and Saturdays. “This policy allows us to continue offering a pleasant, family-friendly shopping experience here at Louis Joliet Mall,” said Sandy Maldonado-Martinez, Louis Joliet Mall’s marketing director.

When asked about how the mall will police the policy, Maldonado-Martinez said, “Security may ask shoppers and guests to show proof of age with valid identification such as a driver's license, military ID, state identification card, passport or visa.” "If shoppers and guests have further questions, mall security will be available throughout the center to offer assistance."

The policy states that one adult can accommodate a group of up to six youths. Teens who work at the mall during the weekend policy hours will be required to show a valid ID and proof of employment as of October 13. The Louis Joliet Mall also stated that this policy would not include the Cinemark Movie Theater located inside the mall.

For more information on the new rule, visit www.shoppinglouisjolietmall.com

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