• Noah Mussay

#BigBrother Alum Headed to Other Shows: Bold And the Beautiful, Amazing Race and The Challenge

Big Brother 19 may be over but while we’re waiting for Celebrity Big Brother to start you can catch some of your Big Brother favorites on other shows!

On August 31, 2017, it was announced that Big Brother 19 Houseguest Jessica Graf would appear in a cameo role on CBS’ soap opera, The Bold and The Beautiful.

In the episode, which aired Monday, Graf played hostess at Ill Giardino, a fictional restaurant featured on the soap opera, sharing the screen with The Bold & The Beautiful stars Kimberlin Brown, Heather Tom and Darin Brooks. On Friday, September 27, it was announced that Josh Martinez, the winner of Big Brother 19, would also be appearing on the show.

In a tweet Martinez sent out on September 27, he told fans:

“Surprise! I’ll be serving up meatballs on @BandB_CBS!! Watch 10/24 as I represent @CBSBigBrother! #BB19 #TeamMeatball #BoldandBeautiful

Martinez won in a shocking 5-4 vote against Paul Abrahamian, veteran of the game and self-proclaimed puppet-master, having had a hand in every eviction.

At the time the jurors, especially Cody, claimed that while Josh’s methods were unorthodox— i.e. getting in people’s faces and banging pots and pans to annoy them—they could respect his honesty.

On the other hand, Paul’s brand of “Friendship” that led only to betrayal was deemed less honorable and led to his own Big Brother demise and Josh’s victory.

Of course, power couple Jody (Jessica and Cody) were happy with the outcome having been adversaries of Abrahamian since week 1 of the game. Cody, who was the season’s first HOH, didn’t trust Paul from the start.

However, his fellow houseguests did and when Cody tried to take a shot against the returning BB veteran—who had three weeks of safety due to the Pendant of Protection—the house quickly turned on Cody, and by association Jessica.

Over the course of four weeks, Cody would find himself evicted and then competing his way back into the house a week later. Jessica would then go on to become that week’s HOH.

The couple would receive another week of safety together due to the Halting Hex, allowing Jessica to stop any one of the next three evictions in its track. However, the use of this power to keep both her and Cody safe, would end up leading to Jessica’s eviction the following week with Cody following her out the door the week after that.

Despite their bad luck on BB19, the power couple is getting a second chance to show reality game show audiences what they’re made of!

CBS announced a few days after the BB19 finale that Jessica and Cody would be headed to Season 30 of The Amazing Race, a show in which teams travel around the world completing different tasks with $1 million on the line.

Still want more?

Well, according to The Inquisitr, an aggregate news and media website, Paul’s fellow Big Brother 18 alums Victor Arroyo, Natalie Negrotti, Corey Brooks and Michelle “Big Meech” Meyer will be on MTV’s The Challenge; a show similar to Big Brother.

This news should keep fans speculating until Celebrity Big Brother (U.S.) casting announcements are made! Will Cody and Jessica dominate on The Amazing Race? Will Corey try and showmance either Natalie or Big Meech? Stay tuned!

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