• Noah Mussay

South Florida Dance Teacher Fired After Throwing X-Rated Party in Classroom

A dance teacher at a South Florida school has been fired after throwing an X-rated party on school property. The incident occurred at Mater Lakes Academy, a charter academy that teaches grades 6-12, in Miami-Dade after school on Wednesday, October 18th.

According to WSVN, a Miami Fox affiliate television station, the party was thrown as a surprise for one of the dance teacher’s former students, during a gathering for the school’s dance team, one parent whom attended with her young daughter, told WSVN.

The identity of the teacher has not been released and neither has the identity of the student the party was thrown for.

However, WSVN confirmed that, children as young as 11 years old were present at the party, which included X-rated decorations and party favors—rubber penises, phallic-shaped candles and party hats with penis replicas attached. A cake, shaped as female genitalia, was also served.

One mother expressed her frustration about the situation to WSVN:

“You can’t even imagine,” said the mother. “You know, I’ve raised my daughter the proper way and never taught her anything similar to that.”

She went on to tell the Fox affiliate:

“She couldn’t sleep last night. She woke up crying,” said the mother. “It hurts that she’s being taught this at the school where I trust she’s gonna be taken care of.”

According to another mother who attended the party with her child, once the former student arrived, “they surprised him with a hat that had a penis attached to the top and a string to be able to pull it so it can get erected.”

School administrators released this statement after becoming aware of the situation:

“The number one priority is the safety and well-being of our students and faculty. Once we became aware of the situation, we addressed it immediately and have taken the appropriate measures and the individual has been dismissed.”

They also said that it is still unclear who was responsible for buying the party favors.

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