• Kamari Jordan

ESPN Host Says She Deserves Her 2-Week Suspension

ESPN host Jamele Hill is fresh off her 2-week paid suspension for tweeting “Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/other white supremacists” on September 11, 2017. This tweet directly violated ESPN’s social media policy and they were forced to suspend her.

Jamele Hill is an American sports journalist who formerly co-hosted ESPN’s "His and Hers," co-hosts ESPN’s Flagship on Sports Center, and has previously written a column for ESPN.com’s Page 2.

Fans threatened to protest Hill’s suspension by refusing to watch ESPN, feeling she did not deserve consequences for her tweet. The hashtag #StandWithJamele was created and ESPN was receiving a lot of backlash for disciplining Hill.

Surprisingly, Hill was very positive about her suspension and the whole situation. She said that she deserved her suspension for violating social media policy, but she would never take back what she said. When asked about the suspension she stated, “I deserved a suspension, I violated policy … going forward we’ll [the relationship between her and ESPN] be in a good healthy place. She apologized of putting ESPN in a bad spot and thanked her supporters. She said she used her 2-weeks off as a time of reflection, but make no mistake she will not take back what she said.

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