• Noah Mussay

Generations Yap… About Living in A Frightening Political Landscape

Those who are in power rule the world and depending on what they do with it, this notion can be terrifying.

This time, we begin talking about living in an unsettling political landscape, by talking with the Encounter’s very own Social Media Director; Ivan Flores.

What was your reaction when you heard Donald Trump was running for president?

Ivan Flores: […] First I thought “Is he serious? Can he do that? The man has no political experience.” Then I got to thinking… maybe his experience as a businessman, could shake things up for the greater good of the U.S. I feel like I was wrong that I even thought of that in the first place.

Did you follow the campaign closely? Was there a point where your opinions on either candidate solidified?

Ivan Flores: I had to. At the time, I was starting as a PR Specialist for the Encounter and had to search for trends and updates regarding the candidates.

I feel my tipping point (or the final straw) was the footage that was leaked regarding comment [sic] he made about women with Billy Bush […]. As someone that had the potential to become our leader of what is the “free world” (the U.S.), Trump disgusted me. If it was someone else that said, “grab them by the p****,” he would’ve had no choice but to resign.

How did you feel as the campaign went on? Did you talk with anyone regarding their opinions?

Ivan Flores: I was personally done with Trump though my parents were indifferent, as in they just did not care. […] They felt their tax dollars are being abused by folks that abuse the system and that the cycle continues so why bother “wasting the time to go out and vote?” I would talk to my friends at school about it but we all thought that Trump had ZERO-chance of winning the election and becoming #45.

What was the feeling on campus the day after Election Day? How did you feel?

Ivan Flores: Many of my classmates were in complete shock. I kept telling myself that it was just a horrible April Fool’s joke and sometime on that day, I would see on the news that Hillary won. I kept waiting… and waiting. Personally, I still can’t accept it. I wait on the day we can proudly say Donald J. Trump is not our president anymore.

Following this conversation, I spoke with English professor Vin Katilius-Boydstun, about being a twenty-something during the Vietnam War.

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