• Kamari Jordan

Whiteford Baseball Spring Registration

We all know how important it is to get kids active at an early age. It helps them with confidence, making friends, maintain a healthy weight and form healthy habits. Kids should be in activities that reflect their interests as well as their ability, so if your child or sibling has an interest in football and is ready to knock ‘em out the park then sign up for the 2018 Whiteford Baseball spring registration.

Whiteford Baseball is an independent baseball organization that offers recreational and competitive leagues for ages 4-18. Registration is currently open and will close December 10. You can register online at whitefordbaseball.com or in person at 930 NE Frontage Road Joliet, IL.

You can register in person at the following times:

11/04 - 9:00-10:00 P.M.

11/13 - 7:00-8:00 P.M.

12/09 - 9:00-10:30 A.M.

Fees include:

A refundable family fee (one per family) $100

A raffle fee (one per family) $125

Shetland (4-6) $50

Pinto (6-8) $110

Mustang (9-10) $130

Bronco (11-12) $160

Pony (13-14) $200

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