• Iain Morison

College Student Essential: Movie Pass

An enlightened fellow St. Francis student recommended something to me that I believe changed my college life forever. Two things that college students love are movies and saving money and with MoviePass you can fulfill both loves. MoviePass is a subscription-based movie ticketing service and for just $10 a month, you to see one movie per day at any nearby theater throughout the month. This means you can watch over 30 movies per month for just 10 bucks! Talk about a deal.

At this point you are probably wondering, how do I sign up for this wonderful service?! It is extremely simple and hassle-free. Simply go on to the website at: https://www.moviepass.com, fill out the required information to sign up and afterwards, you will receive your MoviePass card in the mail, meaning you can start your exciting movie-viewing adventures!

The subscription service is month-to-month so there's no long-term commitment and there are over 4,000 theaters that you can go to with MoviePass.

It’s important to note the pros and cons of having a MoviePass:


  • Great deal, you can literally make up the monthly fee after you watch one movie.

  • Can use every day of the year and is available to use at almost every theater (except the premium theater).

  • The app allows you to track the movies you watch.


  • No 3D or IMAX.

  • Must purchase your ticket onsite (within 100 yards of your selected theater).

  • For solo tickets buyers only.

So, all college students, do yourselves a favor! If you enjoy movies and want to save some money, then sign up for MoviePass! You will not regret it.

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