• Kamari Jordan

Chance the Rapper Shows Up to a City Council Meeting

Grammy award-winning artist Chance the Rapper is loved by his city and for good reason. In March, the Chicago rapper donated $1 million to Chicago public schools. In addition, his nonprofit organization SocialWorks raised $2.2 million for his hometown’s schools. His charity to his city and passion for his people earned him respect within his community and admiration from those outside the city of Chicago.

Recently, the emcee showed up to a city council meeting to voice his concern with Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to spend $95 million on a new police training facility. The overall goal is to lower Chicago’s homicide rates, but the debate is whether it would be most effective to spend the money on the young people of the community or on law enforcement. Chance was also very vocal about how the Illinois budget has affected Chicago Public Schools up until this point.

Chance was not necessarily against the facility, but he did question the idea of spending nearly $100 million on a facility when the city didn’t have funds for other social services. Chicago is projected to have a budget deficit of $114.2 million in 2018 and while Mayor Emanuel’s plan proposes a plan aimed at lowering the city’s debt, it also proposes spending heavily on hiring 500 new police officers and on the new building. Chance believes the homicide rates could decrease by investing in the young people within the community rather than law enforcement. Despite his best efforts the city alderman approved Emanuel’s project by a margin of 48 to1.

Chance the Rapper continues to give back to his community and voice concern for those in the community.

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