• Kamari Jordan

Graduating: The Pros and Cons

As my last semester of college approaches, I am beginning to have mixed feelings about graduation. Many of our seniors are graduating this December. In honor of all the seniors, I wrote the pros and cons of graduating college.


1. Traveling: These past four years (or five, no judging) have been great, but it is time to experience some new scenery. For those college students who did not take the opportunity to study abroad, the first year out of college may be the perfect time to travel the U.S. or travel outside the country. The first year out of college is the perfect time to travel. Before settling into a career and a house, it would be a great idea to experience the world, meet new people, and experience a different culture.

2. Starting a Career: After all these years, you finally have a degree and that piece of paper opens the door to start your career. You can finally put all that studying to use. By starting your career, you are becoming independent. This newly found independence will give you the space you need to grow.

3. Finals are Over: No more finals, no more cram sessions, no more tests (unless you are going to grad school directly after).


1. Moving Back Home: Many of us must move back home for some time after college. After being away from home for so long it will be an adjustment for both you and your parents. Your parents will set rules and you will be forced to break them, but it will be good to be around family.

2. College Buds: You are no longer surrounded by your college friends. It is easy to meet up, have lunch, or make late night food runs with friends when you are all in one place. You will miss the times you seen your friends daily.

3. Parties: There is only so many times you can go out to on campus parties before it gets weird. After that time is up, it is time to find new hangout spots for your Saturday nights. For some the transition from crowded house parties to places with dress codes may be tough, but you can’t call yourself an adult if you party in sweat pants your whole life.

Congratulations to the seniors that are graduating in this month and good luck to those graduating in May, you can do it!

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