• Ashley Hare

How Social Media Is Effecting Our Relationships

Today we live in a generation where it is almost required to have social media profiles, whether it is for school, work, or just for fun. Every day when I log onto my social media sites, someone is always trying to define what makes a relationship "good" or "bad." Relationships are different for everyone and social media is creating new standards that are, in my opinion ruining people.

There once was a time where you did not share your personal business out to the whole world. Today, the second someone gets together or breaks up, it’s all over the internet in a second. But how much of what we portray online is actually reflective of our reality?

We have all seen our friends post pictures, videos, or statuses about their significant other but what’s the reality here? Many times, I’m confused by the content posted because that person just told me they were fighting or disagreeing. I know I am not the only person who has experienced this, right? Sometimes the couples who write those long romantic posts might be trying to make up after a bad fight or construct a reality that portrays their desired relationship. I personally know I have posted a cute message with a picture to appreciate my significant another after an argument.

We also live in a world, where social media sets standards on relationships. For example, I am sure you have heard “He/She has to have Snapchat streak with you or he/she doesn’t love you”. Well ladies and gentlemen, last time I checked Snapchat does not define someone’s love for you. Since when does a streak, define love. Love is an intense feeling of deep affection and if you’re feeling intense over a snapchat streak then you need a reality check.

Secondly, we often hear “He/She has to buy you expensive jewelry and shower you with gifts, or else they don’t love you”. Just because Johnny bought Sally a Pandora ring doesn’t mean every boyfriend out there has to buy their girlfriend jewelry. Or just because Jill surprised Jake with a vacation, doesn’t mean everyone else has to go on vacation. Sometimes couples cannot afford to show their love and appreciation through gifts. If he/she gives you dinner and movie, that should still be good enough. They are trying, and doing what they can. Gifts do not define someone’s love for you.

Lastly, we often hear “If they don’t post about you all the time, or flaunt you around, they are cheating and don’t deserve you”. First things first, my first relationship I was ever in, my significant other had just opened an Instagram account. They didn’t even have a Facebook or Twitter account until I came around. At first, I was so annoyed that my significant other wouldn’t post me on his Instagram but then I realized it doesn’t matter.

Your significant other shouldn't have to throw you on their Instagram or Facebook everyday just to show you that they love you. If you look for love and validation that way, then you may want to try to think differently. That will destroy you. Nothing is wrong if your they don’t post about you all the time.

Social media can help us document all the amazing times we have had with our partners but it can also be revealing and detrimental for relationships. Social media is also creating standards that are not true. Do what works best for your relationship and not your followers.

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