• Ashley Hare

The Chi

New TV show alert!

If you like Showtime series, then you are going to love this new thrilling Chicago based show called The Chi. The Chi is a Southside Chicago show about the challenges citizens face living in a dangerous community.

One decision can affect the lives of many. This is the plot line: Brandon, who is played by Jason Mitchell, dreams of opening up a restaurant with his girlfriend (Tiffany Boone) but is held back by his responsibilities toward his younger brother Coogie (Jahking Guillory).

Coogie, who finds a dead boy bleeding out on the sidewalk, decides to steal the corpse’s necklace and sneakers. Coogie is then brought into the police station for questioning. When the father, Ronnie, of the dead boy finds out that Coogie was being questioned, he decides to go after Coogie. Spoiler Alert: when Ronnie finds Coogie, he fatally shoots him.

When Ronnie shoots Coogie, a young boy named Kevin witnesses the murder. CRAZY, right?! So what will happen next? Will Ronnie go after Kevin? Will Kevin help Brandon? Will Brandon kill Ronnie out of revenge? We will have to stay tuned for the rest of the season!

The Chi, created by Lena Waithe, had a grand total of 1.67 million viewers since the premiere. However, many people are probably unaware that similar situations like this happen almost every day in Chicago.

According to Bryan Crawford, in 2016 Chicago experienced its worst year of gun violence with more than 760 people being shot and killed. In 2017, more than 100 fewer people lost their lives due to guns, but more than 3,500 people were shot. And now in 2018, more than 100 people have been shot.

I hope when people watch The Chi, specifically from Chicago, they will be touched by the plot line.

Chicago needs to put the guns down. Unlike crime dramas where homicide is treated like something out of the ordinary, The Chi shows gun violence as a part of everyday life. People need to realize how traumatizing it is for communities to experience killings every day. Although it may be true, I find it hard to believe Chicagoans can feel untouched by the killings unless it directly effects them.

To understand and see the life of a Southside Chicagoan, you can watch The Chi on Showtime every Sunday at 9pm.

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