• Alex Guglielmucci

USA Gymnastics Doctor Sentenced

Former Team USA Gymnastics Olympic doctor and Michigan State University team doctor, Larry Nassar has been sentenced to 175 years in prison for sexual abuse of women. Nassar is also serving 60 years for charges of child pornography.

In a trial that lasted over a week and saw over 150 victims speak in front of the judge, the former doctor sat with his defense team waiting for Judge Rosemarie Aquilina to read his sentence. Before reading his sentence, Judge Aquilina read a letter that was written by Larry Nassar to the court room. In his letter, Nassar said that he was forced to plead guilty in his sexual abuse case because he had lost all support do to the charges on his pornography.

He also said that the stories said in court were fabricated to sensationalize this trial, and that the attorney general would only accept my plea if I said what I did was for my own pleasure and not medical. Although portions of the letter were read in court, Judge Aquilina would not release the full letter to the public because some of the parts that were in “regards to the victims” troubled her.

When reading the sentencing to the court, Judge Aquilina said that, “it was my honor and privilege to hear these survivors. It is my honor to sentence you. You do not deserve to walks outside a prison again”. At the conclusion of the sentence statement, Judge Aquilina also said that she just signed his death warrant.

Just after Nassar was sentenced, Michigan State Athletic Director Mark Hollis as well as the President of the University, Lou Anna Simon resigned from their positions from the University as the NCAA looked announced that they will be looking into the Nassar case.

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