• Alex Guglielmucci

Joliet Prison to Re-Open as Haunted House

The former Joliet Correctional Center will re-open in a different way in 2018. It was recently announced that haunted house Company Evil Intensions would be turning the former prison into a haunted house. This will be the second location owned by Evil Intensions, with their other haunted house located in Elgin.

In 2002, The Illinois Department of Corrections closed the Joliet Correctional Center as a holding prison due to budget cuts and the dangerous nature of the buildings. All of the inmates that were held in the prison were transferred to nearby Statesville Correctional Center.

While the prison has been closed, it has remained in the media for numerous things. One of those things was that the prison was broken into many times, and fires broke out. In May of 2017, one of the main buildings within the walls caught fire and was heavily damaged. Another reason the famed prison saw media attention was from movies and television shows being filmed there. Fox Television’s Prison Break used the prison in the whole first season for filming. In 1980, when the prison was still functioning, The Blues Brothers used the prison as a filming location for their opening scene as “Joliet Jake” was released from the Joliet Correctional Center.

More information on the haunted house at the Old Joliet Prison will be announced at a later date.

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