• Ashley Hare

Shameless Season 8 Review

Another season of Shameless has come and gone; Season 8 wrapped up January 17th. Fans are left silent after the season 8 finale. Personally, I am left with the feeling of “eh”. Compared to the past 7 seasons, season 8 was not filled with the typical, crazy Gallagher drama.

The characters are growing up and real life is hitting them which leaves the writers stuck in a rut. They are in a position of writing for an “end” without being able to write toward a clear ending. Another component that is disappointing is that season 8 was only 11 episodes while previous seasons are 16-20 episodes.

“Sleepwalking” the final episode of season 8 did not leave fans with any momentum for season 9. Most of the plot lines either wrapped up nicely or were left in complete questioning with no narrative in sight. In this season, Frank Gallagher decides it’s finally time to start acting like a father and a working-class man while Fiona becomes a landlord of an apartment building. Lip is still struggling with relationships and coping with alcohol.

Ian is trying to get back together with his ex-Trevor while preaching being gay is okay. Debbie and Carl are still trying to become good adults. Debbie becomes a welder and Carl goes back to military school while dealing with his psycho “wife” Kassidy. The youngest Gallagher, Liam, entered school and met a very wealthy white best friend. Last but not least, neighbors Kev and Veronica are trying to sell Svetlana’s rival into Eastern European sex slavery and possibly killing off her cannibalistic mother.

Yes, indeed there is plenty of Gallagher drama in season 8 but it’s not as exciting and thrilling as past season. The season feels unfinished with a feeling that Shameless is coming to an end. Showtime has signed a contract for season 9 this upcoming fall which means there will be more twists and turns for the Gallagher’s to come. But television show critic, Myles McNutt stated “However, if this is the best “present” the show can offer, then it doesn’t deserve to be a part of that history, and I remain extremely worried about what the future holds for Shameless”.

Will season 9 be the end for Shameless? We will have to find out in the fall.

Gallagher out!

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