• Blake Tomac

Snapchat users frustrated with new update

Popular photo and video sharing app, Snapchat, recently released a new update that has brought major changes to its traditional interface. Many users of the app are displeased with Snapchat’s new structure and design and have voiced their opinions publicly.

An Australian man named Nic Rumsey has even started a petition to get the update reversed. A Change.org campaign titled "Remove the new Snapchat update" already has over one million signatures in support.

Rumsey wrote that the update "has, in fact, made many features more difficult" to use.

"Many 'new features' are useless or defeat the original purposes Snapchat has had for the past years," the petition says.

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The goal is to "convince Snap Inc to change the app back to the basics, before the new 2018 update."

The biggest shake-up the recent Snapchat update brought was how it changed the Stories page. The popular Snapchat feature showcased photos and videos from friends, as well as content from professional publishers. These stories appeared for 24 hours before they were permanently deleted from the feed. In its dramatic redesign Snapchat scrapped its dedicated Stories page – dropping the content amongst private messages in a single feed.

The confusion and difficulty to navigate through stories is what many users are upset about. Fans of the app have gone to other social media sites like Twitter to express their displeasures.

Because of this, social data analysts LikeFolio have been analyzing the reaction on Twitter to Snapchat’s big update. In their study CNBC reported almost 80 percent of all tweets about Snapchat were negative.

Despite the negative backlash the update has received, CEO Evan Spiegel is not concerned and has no intentions of restoring Snapchat to the previous interface.

Speaking at Goldman Sach's Internet and Technology conference in San Francisco Thursday, the Snap CEO acknowledged that "it will take time for people to adjust," but said he's been very happy with the reaction to the redesign — even the negative ones.

"We're excited about what we're seeing so far. The best part is that even some of the complaints we're seeing reinforce the philosophy [behind the design]," he said.

Spiegel stated that the philosophy behind this update was to make a clearer distinction between Snapchat's private communication features (one-to-one snaps and chats) and the public-facing or "broadcast" aspects of the services (Stories).

Unfortunately for Spiegel, not many Snapchat users care about his philosophy and instead are just concerned about being able to view their friends’ stories.

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