• Abigail Blome

Employers on Parade at USF

Down every University of St. Francis hallway the morning of Wednesday February 28, you were bound to see USF students upgraded from their regular sweats and jeans to blazers and ties. Printers were spitting out resumes in every computer lab as students rehearsed elevator speeches to themselves under their breath. Brightly colored chalk reminders took up real estate on every sidewalk. The career fair was upon USF.

(Image courtesy of Myptsolutions.com)

Over 35 different employers came out to the Pat Sullivan Rec Center to seek for interns, part- and full-time employees. Employers present ranged from local nonprofits like the Bolingbrook Area Chamber of Commerce to the Joliet Police Department to large retail stores like Menards and Sam’s Club. No matter a student’s major or an alum’s degree, they had a good chance of finding at least one booth that aligned with their interests.

Even a handful of freshmen attended the event. Liz Badalamenti, a freshman marketing major, attended the event to gain some experience networking. Badalamenti spoke with a few employers and handed out a handful of resumes, though she said she didn’t count on finding anything at her level.

(Picture courtesy of Idr-inc.com)

Over a hundred students and alumni passed through the Rec Center, taking advantage of everything the Career Success Center had to offer at their event. Everywhere one looked, attendees were networking, waiting patiently to talk with employers about potential opportunities or stopping to get their headshots taken by a professional photographer. Nametags were even available for attendees who had registered ahead of time.

(Picture courtesy of Timothychristian.com)

One alum even commented on how the Career Fair has grown over the past several years.

“I’ve noticed that the career fair has definitely improved when it comes to getting employers from around the area. It also supplies enough of a variety for the people who would need to look here,” said Alexander Noreen, a graduate of the History, Political Science, and Criminal Justice undergraduate programs. “It is definitely helpful for those who feel stuck in terms of looking for an internship or a job. Talking with people face to face is a lot more useful than just being another resume.”

However, a few students from smaller majors did feel a little left out.

“Overall, I thought the Career Fair was pretty good for all the other majors but it didn’t really focus on any of the Broadcasting and Communications majors. They mainly focused on Marketing,” said Gabe Ceballos. “I was little disappointed but it still didn’t stop me from going around from table to table.”

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