• Emily Plummer

USF Relay for Life 2018

On March 16, USF yet again hosted Relay for Life, an event created by the American Cancer Society to celebrate, support and honor those affected by cancer. This year the event was held in the Pat Sullivan Center on campus and brought out quite a crowd. USF club, Student Activities Board, hosted the event which included bounce houses, raffles, several groovy crafts and plenty of food.

This year the event which was themed after decades from 1950 till now, gained the support from Student Government, Student Activities Board, UVA, Pro-Life Club, Residence Hall Association, FCA, Alumni Association, Women’s Volleyball, Justice League, Alpha Psi Lambda, Alpha Phi and members of the Radiation Therapy and Radiology program.

This year the fundraising goal had to be raised twice to keep up with the generous donation as we surpassed the goals of $3,000, $5,000 and $7,000, raising a grant total of $7,901. Alpha Phi earned bronze status by raising $3,205, and single handedly surpassing the original goal.

Monetary donations were not the only one’s made though, students Diana Viveros, Myra Limon and Meghan Price, all donated their hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, a foundation that provides wigs out of donated hair to those undergoing chemotherapy, having lost their hair.

Finishing off the night, luminarias were lit with glowsticks around the gymnasium and guests were invited to take laps around in honors of those who have or are currently battling cancer. According to The American Cancer Society’s website “Relay participants share an emotional moment when each Luminaria is lit in remembrance of a life touched by cancer.”

Overall the night was a tremendous success full of smiles, laughter and good memories. St. Francis students Francesca Zarate describes the experience as being “so much fun, but also important. Everybody knows somebody who is fighting cancer and its important to stop this terrible disease.”

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