• Alex McDilda


This past weekend marked an important date for the Chicago entertainment scene. April 6 through April 8 was the highly anticipated event C2E2 which stands for Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. C2E2 is an event that many look forward to all year long because it offers a place for many can go to express their love and affection for their favorite shows, comics and writers.

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C2E2 is a new convention starting back in 2010. with every passing year the convention has gotten larger going from a small gathering of die-hard fans to a full-scale convention of all sorts of fans. The event has many attractions: from panels of famous writers to voice actors there is something for everybody.

As the event coordinators state, “Do you go geek out over Spider-Man comics or "fangirl" over Wonder Woman? Do you devour sci-fi and fantasy novels in a matter of hours? Are you constantly binging your latest TV addiction? Then we’ve got a guest or two for you! Meet the people who create comics, books, TV shows, movies and more.” c2e2.com.

Perhaps the most iconic part of any comic convention is the cosplaying, cosplaying is the act of dressing up as a character from a video game, television show or movie. Many spend hours hand making the perfect costume to show off at this exciting expo.

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