• Ashley Hare

Mayor of Joliet in Third Car Accident

The Mayor of Joliet, Bob O’Dekirk has been involved in three car accidents using a city vehicle. On Feb. 5, 2018, O’Dekirk made an improper left turn and caused a collision with the city’s owned black Chevy. According to the Joliet Herald News, the driver in the other car was taken to the hospital complaining of head pain. O'Dekirk received three months of court supervision and $250 in fines.

(Image from The herald-news.com)

Then on March 13, 2018, O’Dekirk was in a nine vehicle crash at the McDonough Street bridge. However, he was not ticketed from the crash because he was one of the last cars involved in the incident. The Feb. 5, 2018, citation stated that the road conditions were icy at the time of the incident along with the March 13 crash. However, the Joliet Patch reported that Mayor Bob O’Dekirk is held accountable for his actions and does not receive any special treatment just because he is the mayor.

O’Dekirk stated “I take responsibility for my actions and I credit the police department for holding me accountable like anyone else.” On top of these two crashes, the mayor was also involved in another crash. However, the mayor did not further discuss the third crash except stating it was weather related.

Besides three crashes in city vehicles. O’Dekirk was involved in a personal crash involving a deer. According to the Joliet Herald News, O’Dekirk stated “I was driving my wife to the Mayo Clinic, and I hit a deer. I think that’s what started it all.” O’Dekirk also told the Joliet Patch that it has been a rough winter and that he hasn’t received a ticket in over 30 years.

As many people say, things come in threes. Hopefully Mayor Bob O’Dekirk is done with crashes and stays safe on the roads.

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