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Lil Wayne Finally Releases Tha Carter V

After several years of releasing little more than collaborations, rapper Lil Wayne finally released his teased album, Tha Carter V. The album was five years in the making and has undergone many changes since 2014.

According to the Rolling Stones, Tha Carter V was in deep-freeze due

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to a long-running contractual dispute between Wayne and Bryan “Birdman” Williams, a mentor and co-founder of Cash Money Records, the rapper’s longtime label. Wayne sued Birdman; Birdman countersued. Wayne tweeted “I am a prisoner and so is my creativity;” Cash Money insisted everything was fine. The two men settled their differences this summer, and Wayne became the sole owner of his imprint, Young Money. He was finally able to release Tha Carter V.

Having been a Weezy fan since Tha Carter III, I have been dying to hear this new album. I remember when Lil Wayne blew up with songs like “Lollipop” and “Got Money”, and has always remained one of hip-hop’s most respected rappers. Tha Carter IV had some great tracks, but just didn’t stand in the same light as the predecessor. He later dropped I Am Not a Human Being II, which received mixed reviews from critics and fans. His latest album, rumored to be his last, had left his fans waiting after being first announced in 2014.

In terms of content, I personally think this is his best album yet. The track list consists of 23 songs ranging in terms of content, style and flow. “Mona Lisa” sees Wayne using women to trick unsuspecting rich guys into being robbed with Kendrick Lamar’s verse adding the conversation between the man and his woman. “Open Letter” talks about Wayne’s problems with drug abuse, mortality and family issues. “Took His Time” is Wayne reflecting on his relationship with God and how his life choices relate tie into his religious beliefs. Regardless of the song you listen to, you always get that same Wayne flow filled to the brim with expletives, clever word plays and that classic New Orleans accent he’s associated with. For any and all rap fans, I highly recommend you check out this latest release from one of hip-hop’s best dreaded rappers.

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