• Antonio Smithberg

Top Movies to See

While we can become overwhelmed with the endless amounts of movies and shows we can stream online, it can be easy to forget the simple pleasure of visiting the movie theater. The past couple of months have brought to us some phenomenal movies well worth the trip to the theater. Here are a few of this month’s box office hits that you should consider hitting the theater to see:

A Star Is Born

According to movie magazine Collider, this film is already being considered one of the best of 2018. With Bradley Cooper making his directorial debut, he has struck gold. This tear jerking drama will definitely require you to bring a box of tissues with you.

First Man

Academy Award winning director Damien Chazelle presents us with a historic piece. This movie focuses on the riveting story of NASA’s mission to land a man on the moon. With Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong, this movie is immersive and captivating to a miraculous degree.


This is a comic book sci-fi thriller that actor Tom Hardy brings to life with a witty and comedic performance. Based on the superhero comic book character Venom, this movie is a fun misadventure with great action. If you love Marvel movies, this is certainly for you.

For more information about movies or show times in theaters near you, you can check out the home pages of movie sites Fandango or Cinemark.

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