• Amber James

Farmer’s Fridge: Fresh or Flop?

As everyone took their finals and packed up their bags this past semester, the University of St. Francis received their very own “Farmer’s Fridge.” According to the Chicago Tribune website, Farmer’s Fridge is a “Chicago-based startup that sells salads and other meals from vending machines.” At first, students were skeptical of the machine that appeared alongside the other vending machines.

“When I first saw the Farmer’s Fridge vending machine, I had no idea what it was and didn’t know why it was there. The clear glass/plastic part of the vending machine was covered so I wasn’t even sure if it would be staying at our school long-term,” says junior student Bennie Radford. “Honestly after looking at it, it looks a little too good to be true. I just hope the school can keep up with switching out the meals before they aren’t fresh anymore.”

Radford is not the only one that is skeptical of the new vending machine. “I’d personally never buy it, it’s just so expensive compared to other vending machine food,” says senior student Chandler Kowaliczko.

However, junior student Emily Plummer was excited for the opening of the Farmer’s Fridge this semester and has used it plenty of times since then. Plummer prides herself on her knowledge of all things food and, for her, this was no exception. “I think Farmer’s Fridge is amazing! It gives students the opportunity to have a healthy on-the-go meal at a semi-reasonable price. Plus, they taste delicious. I feel good about what I’m eating because everything is fresh and, when possible, it’s all locally sourced.”

Farmer’s Fridge has locations in both the Chicago and Milwaukee areas and has gone from selling a couple hundred meals a day to thousands according to founder and CEO Luke Saunders. According to the Chicago Tribune website, the company will soon be looking for a larger production facility of about 50,000 square feet, preferably in Chicago.

For more information about Farmer’s Fridge, please visit www.farmersfridge.com or visit the one located right here at the university!

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