• Chandler Kowaliczko

Art Student Sydney Jarrard Reflects on College Journey

From March 27 to April 12, the University of St. Francis (USF) Art Gallery hosted an exhibition consisting of all student submissions. Pieces at the exhibit include oil paintings, sculptures, digital artwork and more.

For senior Studio major Sydney Jarrard, this was her final opportunity to showcase her artwork at the USF before graduating in May. Jarrard submitted four pieces in total ranging in mediums: two oil paintings, a screen print and a video. The pieces she submitted to the exhibition not only reflect her artistic style and flair, but also tackle topics related to mental health, family dynamics and domestic violence.

When asked about how USF and the Art Department helped support her artistically since transferring in, Jarrard had nothing but admirable things to say of the faculty and fellow students that made her collegiate career as stimulating as it was.

“Since transferring to USF, I have grown so much as an artist and as a person. I attribute these changes to the content I have learned in my courses and to my professors for going above and beyond in aiding me in anything I need help with from bouncing ideas off of one another, to installations, keeping me up to date on all of the current exhibits going on in the Chicago art scene and mostly, their support,” Jarrard noted.

“The Art Department has allowed me to gain so much insight into the art world, different types of art, what is currently popular and the different perceptions each person has to the same work of art simply by being around others who are passionate about art.”

Piece by Sydney Jarrard, My Eyes are Talking, Are You Listening?

Jarrard went on to explain how accommodating professors were at making sure she had a space of her own where she could express herself creatively, “About a year ago, I applied for a studio space. Even though they were all full, they cleared out a closet just for me. It was small, but it is not about size, it is about having the space and freedom to create things that I love.”

“The environment in the Art Department has allowed me to explore and create art that I am truly passionate about and gain friends that have helped me through the process, and I could not be more thankful for that,” Jarrard concluded.

Image Courtesy of Sydney Jarrard and Chandler Kowaliczko

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