• Amber James

USF Encounter Wins “Club of the Year” Award

On April 15, Student Government Association (SGA) held an awards banquet at the University of St. Francis (USF) to recognize clubs, organizations, and individuals for their hard work and achievements during the school year. During the awards banquet, awards were presented based on different requirements and merits, with the USF Encounter receiving the “Club of the Year” award.

According to the SGA award descriptions provided by Elizabeth Badalamenti, “Club of the Year” is awarded to an “SGA club that has met all SGA requirements, exhibits the core values of respect, integrity, service and compassion.” The award was also given to a club that has “grown greatly since last school year, and has worked to portray the views of all students on campus.” The USF Encounter was also acknowledged for allowing anyone to participate and contribute to the magazine.

Editor-in-Chief Katie Wozniak told USF Encounter club members, “I’m so proud of all of you. Thank you for making the USF Encounter the great magazine that it is. We have grown so much in the last year. Without all of you, this magazine would not be possible!”

In addition to “Club of the Year,” Wozniak also received the “St. Clare” award. This award is given to a senior student who has “portrayed strong leadership skills and taken on leadership positions for 2 or more years in the USF community,” according to the SGA award descriptions.

“Being recognized for all of the hard work I put into this paper was just the push I needed to finish the semester. I’ll be back for my last semester at USF next year as Editor-in-Chief, and I could not be more honored to lead the greatest organization on campus,” said Wozniak.

USF students and club members filled out an awards banquet nomination packet in March so that an Awards Committee could deliberate and vote on the winners of the awards.

SGA President Bobby Santillan said, “The USF Encounter has been innovative and persistent with its social media advertising and the recruitment of inspiring and talented writers. Similarly, what I’ve noticed about Katie during the few times that we have spoken is that she is willing to work with people and that is a great trait for a leader to have.”

After producing three editions of the USF Encounter this semester, we would like to offer a thank you to everyone who has contributed to the magazine and supported the organization. Without your support, these awards would not be possible.

Image Courtesy of Katie Wozniak

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