• Mary Mathieu

USF's Year of Integrity

The year of integrity at the University of Saint Francis has arrived. Integrity is a value that takes courage to implement into our lives. The common word associated with integrity is honesty. Being an honest person is something humanity strives for. Integrity applies not only to our academics, extracurricular and athletic responsibilities but also to our character. It shapes us into the person we are called to be.

As it relates to academics, cheating is one way that the university’s core value of integrity is dishonored. It not only brings forth disappointment from all parties involved but also deprives the individual who decided to cheat the chance to show what they are capable of. Thus, they are not staying true to their identity. This also relates to athletes when competing against other teams. Cheating during the game would result in a “victory” that would amount to nothing. Without it being earned in an honest manner, the win would not matter. It simply would be a disappointment to all team members since the effort of hours spent at practices would be wasted. Actions always have consequences no matter the circumstance. Therefore, students and athletes alike must realize that their actions have an impact on everyone around them, whether it be a positive or negative one.

Regarding extracurricular and character, integrity means bringing forth your own talents and skills while making a difference. Everyone at the University of Saint Francis has a set of skills and talents that form their unique identity. Students, professors and faculty alike must do their best to stay true to their identity. In a world full of people, it would be boring to be alike. Thus, it is important to embrace our own identity so that the gift of our existence is shared with the world. It is with this gift the world can become a better place, for we all contribute to the world in ways that fulfill our purpose in life.

It is in this year of integrity students, professors, and faculty alike must challenge each other to live in a way that stays true to their own identity and to the world around them. Be the change, make the difference!

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