• Ashley Hare

USF Launches Band Program

The University of St. Francis (USF) has announced the official re-launch of a university band that will help mark USF’s 100 year anniversary in 2020. When USF was the College of St. Francis, the school used to have a band that was part of the music program. In addition, the city of Joliet has a rich history of marching bands from the Joliet Symphony Orchestra to the Joliet Township High School Marching Bands. USF Provost Beth Roth says that the new re-launch will give students additional opportunities to develop scholars, performers, team members and leaders. The pep band will first begin playing at USF’s sporting and campus events as it grows into a much larger group. President Arvid Johnson says the band will fit perfectly into USF’s campus and culture.

Students were extremely happy to hear about the announcement of the re-launch. From the Digital Audio and Recording Arts Program to music degrees to any major, students will have an addition opportunity to explore and display their talents. The band will create an even more diverse atmosphere at USF. Music is vital to USF events especially sporting games. A band will bring even more excitement and energy to the crowd and players. The band will create life long memories and an experience to remember.

The new university band will begin a tradition of legacy. The recruitment will begin in the fall of 2020. USF is looking for talented student musicians who want to pursue a college degree while also committing to play and perform in a quality university band. There will also be Band Scholarships available that can be added to USF’s Academic scholarships or need-based financial aid. For students interested in joining the band can sign up for future updates at stfrancis.edu/band or speak with a USF representative this fall at various high school events.

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