• Mary Mathieu

Be That Someone

At times of difficulty, we all need that someone. We need to know that we matter and are loved. Everyone deserves that someone. Despite this statement, so many feel as if they have no one. Life often becomes unbearable without a hand to hold along the way. Be that someone, reach out your hand.

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. It is during this month suicide survivors share their stories and spread awareness. Their testimonies are ones of strength and courage, for they are using their past to make a difference. It is not easy to share personal stories due to the constant pressures, expectations and ideals present within society. However, suicide survivors continue to do so in hope that others will come to realize that suicide is not the answer, that is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

During troublesome times, it is often hard to see the light present within the darkness. It is so easy to focus only on the negative. Therefore, we need each other. It is through the guidance of others we can realize that there are positive elements still present within our lives even through the difficulties. Sometimes all it takes is someone telling us their experiences and successes at overcoming hardships. It is through their stories we can see that things will work out, that situations are only temporary.

Be that someone. As the old saying goes, it only takes one person to make a difference; maybe one person cannot change the world but they can change someone’s world. We all have so much potential and life present within us, a purpose to fulfill. It is through the act of suicide the world is deprived of the gifts and talents of the victim. Therefore, it is essential to be there for each other. Life is difficult without a doubt but it is easier when you have someone walking with you. Be that someone year-round instead of only in September. Be the light that you are called to be.

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