• Mary Mathieu

Centennial Homecoming at USF

Photo courtesy of the University of St. Francis Facebook page

Home is a simple, yet complex term. It is widely interpreted as a place but it can also be a feeling that lives on in the hearts of many. According to www.merriam-webster.com, home can be defined as a social unit formed by a family living together. Overall, home is where the heart is; it is where one feels loved and it is a place where one instantly recognizes that they belong.

The Centennial of the University of St. Francis (USF) is currently being celebrated, during the 2019-2020 academic year. For a hundred years, St. Francis has been a home to more than 48,000 alumni across the country, according to www.stfrancis.edu. Although each person has their own unique sense of home as it pertains to the university, the overall message remains the same. University of St. Francis freshman, Jimmy Grill, stated that St. Francis is home because, "I have found a new family here, a family who wants what is best for me."

It is through the rich history of the University of Saint Francis that home becomes a reality. For a hundred years, students and faculty alike have crossed similar paths that ultimately led to home. Students, alumni, faculty and family gathered, once again, at the Centennial Homecoming game and tailgate on Saturday, October 5. The USF football team took on Robert Morris, but ultimately fell short, ending the game 38-27. Before the game, students, faculty and alumni gathered on the Joliet Memorial Stadium field to create a "100" to honor 100 years of USF. Featured in front is university mascot, Bernie, and University President, Dr. Arvid C. Johnson.

It is not the physical university that makes St. Francis home. It is the past and present students and faculty members that bring the sense of belonging everywhere they go, on and off campus. Home is within all of us; it simply is a place of existence, life and love. Happy Homecoming, Saints!

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