• Ashley Hare

How to Manage Boredom in Quarantine

How does a college student with at least 5 classes, a job, club involvement, and a very active lifestyle outside of school keep busy during quarantine? Honestly, how is anyone keeping busy during this quarantine? Well, now is the time for no excuses! But don’t go texting your exes! Remember all those times you wanted to clean your bedroom, paint a room, bake a cake, order new furniture, do a puzzle, play a game, or even reach out to a friend? Now is your chance!

Governor J.B. Pritzker has extended the stay-at-home order in Illinois till April 30. In addition, the social distancing guidelines should be followed as well. No gatherings at homes. No congregating at malls or athletic facilities. No congregating at parks or trails. In other words, stay away from people as much as possible.

I know not going out can be difficult for people with busy, active, lifestyles like myself but now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all those things you said you were going to do but never do. Many people are working from home or taking classes online from home but you can try to do different activities around the house or the yard during time gaps. If you are looking for a quick five to ten-minute break, you could jump rope, color a picture, doodle, have a dance party to your favorite song, do five different exercises for one minute, take a walk around your yard, do the dishes, clean a window, take the garbage out… the list is endless. Maybe you have the day off of work or school, go ride your bike, go for a car ride, clean or rearrange your bedroom, plant a flower, cut the grass, call an old friend, walk the dog, fly a kite, clean your car, make a Tik Tok… you have a whole month to self-motivate yourself and get something done and accomplished!

How have I been keeping busy? Luckily for me I still have one of my jobs. I am dog walker and three of my clients, who are nurses, still need me to come walk their dogs. However, I don’t walk their dogs every day so I do have free days. Besides work, I still have class work to do hence this article that you are reading. But one of the biggest projects I finally accomplished was getting rid of an old book shelf in my room, cleaning the tops of my dresser drawers, and rearranging my room. The book shelf was filled with kids’ books so I gave them away for free to a new home. During this unprecedented time, people are in need. The least I could do was help a family who needs books to keep their children busy and entertained. In addition, I have also reached out to some old friends from high school to see how they are keeping busy and entertained. We have to remember that this quarantine is a huge adjustment to everyone’s life and not just yours.

When I am not doing projects or homework, I make Tik Toks, I reenact Ariana Grande’s Sweetener World Tour, I watch old videos and Snapchat memories on my phone, watch new series on Netflix, do my makeup, or go outside. I even went to my grandma’s house one day (I asked for her permission first) and we played Ellen DeGeneres Heads Up game on my iPhone.

Moral of the story we all have to find something to keep us entertained. Whether that’s going for a car ride, cleaning your room, catching up on school work, or trying something new, this quarantine is the perfect time for opportunity.

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